Company Information and Governance for a brighter future

Our values

As an organisation, we share a common set of values across everything we do:

  •    Continually strive for excellence
  •    Act with integrity and be respectful at all times
  •    Responsive and flexible to learner and employer needs
  •    Encourage and support high aspirations

Our mission statement

  • ‘To deliver outstanding training and support throughout all our sectors’   

Information, Advice and Guidance

The staff at Heart of England Training are not just here to train you but to advise and guide you throughout your programme as well as supporting you to progress.  The company holds the Matrix standard; this is a unique standard that allows organisations to assess and measure their advice and support services which ultimately supports individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals.


  • ‘CAREER TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT FOR ALL – Meeting your needs through friendly, impartial and clear information, advice and guidance’


Independent oversight and scrutiny play an essential part in ensuring that our provision is delivering the best possible quality of education and support for our learners.  Our board of governors is made up of individuals with a passion for education and a broad range of skills in the business and education sectors.  There are three operational directors and three non-operational governors.


Heart of England Training may partner with employer apprenticeship providers that are registered on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoAPT).  Partnerships are considered where standards are in line with those that we offer directly and where there is a synergy and shared values.  These arrangements meet the ethos and requirements of the ESFA and, in doing so, the arrangements offer the best and most appropriate quality of education and support for apprentices and employers.

Services and support provided by Heart of England Training include:

  • A monthly face to face performance review
  • Monthly performance reports
  • A contract management team
  • Full delivery of English and maths
  • Preparation for End Point Assessment
  • Apprentice recruitment induction and enrolment
  • The support of Heart of England Training sector training manager
  • All Internal Quality Assurance and responsibility for External Quality Assurance visits and actions
  • Monthly paperwork compliance checks and feedback with clear and measurable actions required
  • Administration of learner and employer records
  • Registration and certification of learners with awarding bodies
  • Training on key process and procedures
  • Use of Heart of England Training learner and employer documentation
  • Invitation to and expected attendance at Heart of England Training standardisation meetings
  • Quality observation on a risk assessed basis but as a minimum of one per staff member per annum with feedback and training required on TLA, IAG, induction, initial assessment and employer engagement
  • Learning walks
  • An annual analysis of the partners Self-Assessment Report and quality improvement plan
  • Opportunities for joint marketing activities
  • Mandatory safeguarding training
  • Mandatory Prevent – anti radicalisation and extremism training
  • Mandatory Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training
  • Regular Information updates from Heart of England Training

Costs associated with services and support are agreed and itemised in a legally binding contract with the employer subcontractor.  

Complaints and Compliments Policy