Company Information and Governance for a brighter future


Our values

As an organisation, we share a common set of values across everything we do:

  •    Continually strive for excellence
  •    Act with integrity and be respectful at all times
  •    Responsive and flexible to learner and employer needs
  •    Encourage and support high aspirations

Our mission statements

  • ‘To deliver outstanding training and support throughout all our sectors’   
  • ‘CAREER TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT FOR ALL – Meeting your needs through friendly, impartial and clear information, advice and guidance’

Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)

The staff at Heart of England Training are not just here to train you but to advise and guide you throughout your programme.

Strategic plan 2015 – 2018

Our three year strategic plan sets out our wider vision and ambitions and details our targets to equip learners with the skills most valued in the modern economy and society and to offer them an inspirational, engaging experience in environments where they are safe and fairly treated  It also details our aspirations for excellence in engagement with employers and stakeholders; recruiting, retaining and developing the very best staff and maintaining organisational excellence.



Heart of England Training may offer organisations that are registered on the Register of Training Organisations opportunities to work in partnership where the proposed programmes compliment our own and where the organisations values and goals have a synergy with our own.

Complaints and Compliments Policy